Ireland day 1: mildly jet lagged + 2 hours of sleep

So I have been going non stop since 5 pm yesterday. Plane ride to Philly only to have to run across the airport to catch my connection to Dublin then as soon as I landed, I got on a three hour bus ride to Galway. I probably slept a total of 43 minutes on the plane but I sat next to two really cool girls around my age so I got to talk to them a lot. So it was already a good start to the trip. The bus ride to Galway was when I got most of my sleep because I had a whole two seats to myself so I laid out and passed out. I’m sure I missed some great Irish scenery but I’ll have other bus rides. So today sleep trumped scenery. I had a wonderful home cooked dinner that we shopped for and made so I am already saving money! All of the couch surfing people I have met have been amazing and so friendly and welcoming! They even carried my backpack all the way from city center to their place! Tonight I’ll get to see more of Galway and hopefully have my first Guinness straight from Ireland!

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3 thoughts on “Ireland day 1: mildly jet lagged + 2 hours of sleep

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