pastels // outfit post

I leave for Ireland in a few short hours and I cannot wait!  It’s going to be 9 days of craziness and lovliness.  While I’m there I won’t be able to post pictures, but I will have the internet!  So, every day I’ll try to post a little travel diary about what is going with me on the emerald isle!  So, be glued to your seats waiting for those 😉

Now, onto the outfit.  Today, it’s all about pastels!  If you haven’t been able to tell from other outfit posts, I am in love with color.  I always have to have some kind of pop of color in my outfits.  Outfits like this make me happy because it’s all about color!  I absolutely love the color of this shirt and don’t wear it nearly enough!

shirt::urban outfitters//skirt::american apparel//belt::thrifted//boots::walmart (best $5 purchase ever)

And when all’s been said and done

It’s the things that are given not won

Are the things that you want

live what you love.


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