food obsession // mas tacos

So for some reason, Nashville loves food trucks.  There’s one for tacos, grilled cheese, old fashioned candy, milkshakes, and there’s probably more that I missed.  It is definitely super trendy to have a food truck in this little city.

One of my favorite (and best I think) is Mas Tacos.

This is the truck stops in my neighborhood mostly every Thursday.  They also reside in East Nashville most of the time.  They usually have at least three different types of tacos every day (usually an amazingly marinated beef and chicken, one of which is always vegetarian (usually some amazing quinoa one).  Their food tastes amazingly fresh and they combine great flavors.  They also use corn tortillas, which make them all the more traditional.  They also offer drinks like Aguas Frescas (with fresh cilantro) and usually have a tortilla soup.

They just look so amazing all the time!  If you have not experienced the magicalness that is Mas Tacos, you must try them oh so soon.

They are located at 732 McFerrin Ave in East Nashville.  Tues-Friday 11-4. Follow them on twitter to find out also where the truck is going to be!

live what you love

p.s. omg!  ireland so so so soon!


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