flower rompin’ // outfit post

It is hot hot hot out today.  I love it (for now… I know after about a month of it, I will be ready for cooler weather again!)  Also, I finally finished my past full semester as a college student!!!  Just a couple credits in the summer and I will be done forever!

So today, I wore a romper.  I actually hate that they are called that. It’s such a weird word.  I got this one a K-Mart (one of the 2 pieces of clothing I have from there) and I was so very surprised that I found something decent there… even if it is kind of embarrassing that I got it there. Anyways, here’s my outfit today…

romper::k-mart//belt::thrifted//scarf::made out of an old vintage skirt//shoes::walmart

The scarf that I am wearing today was made kind of by accident.  I was trying to shorten a vintage skirt I had.  But because I don’t measure anything ever, I cut it off way too short and couldn’t end up wearing it.  The good news is that I had a lot of extra fabric from it and I just tied it up into a little scarf.  Yay thrifty-ness.

peekin’ through…

when I feel alive
i try to imagine a careless life
a scenic world where the sunsets are all

live what you love.


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