out with the old // altered outfit post

The warm is finally back!  Thank you Jesus.  My little sister, Anna, is visiting for a couple days and we are getting to enjoy Nashville together.

For today’s outfit, I altered a ridiculous dress that I bought as a joke last summer when I was working at SpringHill Camps.  Here’s the before picture from last summer:

That’s me on the right….

Gross dress right??  It was way to big, an awkward length, and had SUPER poofy sleeves (rivaling Deb from Napoleon Dynamite)  But, after work with my little sewing machine, I think I got it to look pretty good!

dress::thrifted // belt:: thrifted //camera necklace:: thrifted // shoes::BCBG

I took in the sides about an inch on each side.  I took out some of the fullness of the skirt and also took length off.  I got rid of those terrible sleeves altogether.  I also stitched down the neckline.  In the next photo, you’ll see the bow I added to the top of the dress with snaps!

Haven’t shot an outfit in b&w yet!

The dress has a fun “v” waist.

For times they are a-changin’…

live what you love.

10 thoughts on “out with the old // altered outfit post

  1. wow jess!!! i didnt know you had become such the seamstress!!! great job, it looks beautiful and you look beautiful in it!!! :)!!!

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