feelin’ childish // recipe (kinda)

I’ve been trying to eat healthier lately, partly because spring and summer make me shy away from “comfort” foods and partly because I want to just feel better about myself.  Because of this, I don’t keep hardly anything sweet in the house so I don’t have the temptation to just snack on processed cookies…

But, sometimes, my sweet tooth gets the better of me and I have to resort to making homemade ice cream… like the super easy kid proof way.  In a ziplock bag and shaking it for a solid 5 minutes.

The good thing about this ice cream, is that I know exactly what’s going into it… and it’s really not that terrible for you at all.

So basically all you do is combine in a small ziplock bag:

1/2 c. milk

1 TBSP sugar

1 tsp sugar

Then, fill a large ziplock bag halfway with ice and cover the ice with about 4-5 TBSP salt.  Then, shake it like a polaroid picture for 5 minutes (which is surprisingly a lot more tiring than you would think.

It’s not the best ice cream by any means, but it is satisfying to know that you made it yourself. It’s like your little reward.

So, let’s all be a little childish and make this little treat.

live what you love

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