featured on “under the guise”!!

Hey all!  Yesterday, when I was with some friends in the Gulch in Nashville, TN, a fashion blogger asked to take my photo!  I was a little taken aback but, at the same time, I was geeked out!  Clothes mean a lot to me because it’s how I show my personality.  When someone takes notice of my style, I take it as a HUGE compliment!

The blog is called “Under The Guise” and one of the projects she does is take photos of Nashville Street Fashion.  She’s a really sweet girl and does great work!

It is kind of weird to see myself on a website, I have to admit!  Usually, when I post photos of myself, I look at every one and pick only the ones I like, but I had no idea how any of these looked and didn’t really know what she wanted me to do.  Anyways, it was very cool to be noticed to say the least!

Here’s the blog: Under The Guise (I’m the 2nd one down currently titled Mix It) and here’s a direct link to my picture.  And maybe you should like my photo… haha

Thanks for reading friends and for your support so far!  Keep reading and tell your friends.

live what you love


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