coffee:: from tree to cup.

I thought it would be fun to do a little journey about how coffee gets from the tree into our cups.  This process is probably a lot more intense that you think, because I was definitely surprised at exactly how much work goes into it.

As many of your know, I went to Guatemala a few months ago to see how the other side of coffee works.  I learned so so much about coffee and the farms and the farmers.

Now, I want to share with all of you a little but about how coffee gets from the coffee tree to you in your cup.  The farms that La Armonia Hermosa deals with are all microlots for higher quality coffee (so basically big coffee companies like Starbucks don’t do it this way exactly so their beans basically suck…)

So, here’s the journey of coffee…

Coffee cherries on the tree.

Collecting cherries after picking.

De-pulping cherries with the hand grinder.  It’s hard work for real.

De-pulped cherries fermenting in water.  They have to ferment for about 48 hours.

Julio pushing the drying coffee beans around.

Then, the beans have to dry out in the sun for 2 days… and yes we are laying all up in that coffee.

At this point, the coffee still has parchment covering the green bean, so you have to put it in this machine and get the parchment off.

At this point, the coffee is a green bean, or cafe oro.  For coffee that’s roasted in the US, after it’s sorted, it is sent over as a green bean.

Then, the coffee has to be sorted because the smaller beans aren’t as good quality coffee.  Usually, the bigger the green bean, the better the coffee is.

Then, the beans are roasted (hopefully to perfection!) then cooled.

Then, the coffee is packaged up.

And finally, here’s a cup of the french pressed coffee from La Armonia Hermosa!

So, there it is, how coffee gets to your table.  Hopefully it made sense and now you understand a little bit more about it!

 It was such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back!


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