…or Ireland for those who aren’t so worldly as I (ha).

I promised myself that I would go out of the country again this year (one of my 23 before 24) and I am making good on that promise.

I have wanted to go to Ireland for such a long time.  It has been on the top of my list of countries for a while.  The rolling countryside, the old cities and villages, and of course the pubs (haha… but really…) made me enchanted with the country.  Both of my roommates lived in Ireland and have some connections there, so I figured it worked out pretty perfectly.

I am so excited to get to visit such a magical place!

I don’t know where this is in Ireland… but I want to find it.


Cliff of Moher



It’s going to be fantastic.

beo a ngrá leat (live what you love in irish).


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