the many hairstyles of jaemae :: a photo journey

Ever since I graduated high school in 2006, I have been slightly obsessed with changing my hair.  I like having complete control over something (control issues much?? haha) and it’s a fairly easy thing to change.

I think my hairstyles have kind of shown the search for myself.  Each time I look at one of my hairstyles, I can remember what I was going through when I had it and the things that mattered most to me at that point in time.  In high school, a lot of the time, I didn’t want to stand out, I actually did my best to just fit into the crowd.  I just wanted to be liked.  WHen I made the leap into college, I decided I was sick of trying to look like other people and I wanted to look like myself.  I think this is the main reason I started to change my hair… and my glasses as you will see.

Also, my clothing style changed a lot with each hairstyle but it was hard enough to find head shots of my hair.  Maybe sometime later on, I will try to put together a clothes journey as well, but for now, I’ll share the hair journey since the time I graduated high school.

**Disclaimer:: a lot of these have people cut out and definitely aren’t really quality photos… just bear with me this time.**

2006.  This is basically what I looked like when I graduated high school.  Long, light brown hair with wire rimmed glasses (gasp!) and of course, a baseball hat…

The first change I made was simple, I just cut off about 6 or 7 inches of hair and got a few layers and I got some new glasses.  This was also the very beginnings of my “emo” phase…. note the band tee.

Then, the first big change. Short black hair with bangs.  Also, as you can tell, the emo phase definitely has begun.

So this one was kind of thrown in for fun just to show how emo I was trying to be… I definitely tried way too hard.

…and then the purple came.  I seriously was in love with my purple hair and sometimes I still miss it.

EMO PHASE IN FULL SWING.  I had the angled sides haircut and I would tease out the top and straighten the longer pieces.  It is actually quite embarrassing that I fell prey to this type of style.

Then, another dramatic change.  BLONDE and bangs.  Also, got some new glasses here.  I guess I was trying to make up for the extreme emo by going blonde and getting rid of the black glasses.

I put this one in because you can kind of see my gauged ears… Another one of those “What was I thinking?” moments.

Then, I got a little bit more “grown up” haircut with some sweepy bangs that even Justin Beiber would be proud of.  Also, I got new glasses.  This was probably the biggest “What was I thinking?” moment because I look back and realize that those glasses were very very ridiculous.

And then, I made the biggest leap yet. I chopped off all of my hair.  When I look back, I am glad I did it, but I don’t think I’ll ever do it again.  Also, I dyed my hair red.  I wore my contacts a lot with my short hair because glasses looked funny.

Yeah, then I got it cut even shorter soo…

Then, my short hair started to awkwardly grow out… I most definitely had a mullet phase.  It was not fun.  Also, I got some new trendy glasses partly to distract away from my horrible growing out hair.

Then, my hair finally got long enough to cut it into a short bob-like hairstyle again.  I was elated.

So, from here on, I am just letting my hair grow out with only a few little tweaks here and there.  Here, I got some straight across bangs cut and I also got some new more sophisticated glasses 😉

Then, of course, I got bored with such a plain hair color, so I just had to put some blue underneath.  It was pretty much a waste to do it because it lasted for about a week each time I dyed it (twice) before looking grey.

Partly to get rid of the blue/grey hair, I dyed my hair dark red (one of my favorite hair colors)

And here is basically how my hair looks now, just getting a little longer every day!  I hope I can fight the daily urges to chop off my hair again, because I really want my hair to be longer!


So, there you have it. My many transformations in 5 years.  I wonder how many more I will go through in the next 5 years… only time will tell.


live what you love.



3 thoughts on “the many hairstyles of jaemae :: a photo journey

  1. I was waiting for you to do a progression of yourself!! Hahaha Love it. SO much. And your emo stage was the first time we met! bahhhh just me as a mere camper. love you!

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