RAW fashion show

So, this week in Nashville is a busy one.  First, Tin Pan South is going on, which is a songwriters festival.  There are showcases all over town and its a pretty neat little thing.  If you didn’t know, Nashville is a HUGE songwriting hub and  it’s really important to artists here.

Also, Nashville Fashion Week is going on.  No, Nashville is not usually seen as a fashion hub, but it definitely has it’s own little fashion community.

Last night, a couple good friends and I went to a function called RAW:natural born artists.  RAW is an independent arts organization that takes a grassroots approach to their events.  They have  music, art, fashion, film, hair and makeup, photography and performing arts.  It’s a really lovely way to bring all these arts together.

So, last night, there was some films, music, dancers, art for sale, and a fashion show.  I have never been to a fashion show before, and even though this one was small, I enjoyed it!  Plus, I got to get all prettied up!  I totally forgot to get a picture of what I was wearing but I layered some black lace with some cream under it and I wore bright teal tights and high heels!

Here are some of the photos I took of my favorite pieces.  (Disclaimer: the models were moving fast, I was far away and I didn’t have a decent flash, so the photos are not the greatest.)

I really love this piece and I wish I could sew one myself!

(Back:: I really need to get some tights like that!)

This is my friend Brittany rockin’ it… seriously she was FIERCE!

I also really loved this piece and the floral pattern.

So cute… It reminds me some of the Red Velvet dress collection!

Loving the boyish socks and girly bow dress combo!!

This dress shouts Springtime!

You can’t really tell from the photo, but its a one should short sleeved dress. Very pretty!

This piece may have been my favorite.  I am in love with the vintage inspiration.

Pretty and white.

I am IN LOVE with the orange/gold/blue combo.  I am hoping I can maybe pair together an outfit with those colors!

Here’s the lovely Brittany again as the Queen of Hearts. Daaaanggg girl!

Minus the terrible country honkey tonk bands they chose (Why someone though fashion and honkey tonk went together is beyond me…), it was a fabulous night with my fashionable friends!

live what you love you fashionistas.


One thought on “RAW fashion show

  1. I have to admit- the bands were the most bizarre judgment call I’ve experienced in … Ever.
    Your coverage was right on, and the best part is that you totally got what we tried to convey collectively! So glad you were there. You’re fantastic.

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