made it myself :: pinhole camera

A couple days ago, I got the most random package from my mom.  It included a copy of my small hometown paper, the tape from a cassette that got stuck to our car in Florida (yeah it was weird), a pretty teapot and spoon necklace, and a make it yourself pinhole camera.  So, needless to say, very random, but still lovely.

Here’s the lovely little box that the camera came in… I love the retro feel!

Here’s the directions and all the cardboard pieces…

Half way there…

Done!!  Yes, the tape looks kind of jank but it’s the only way it would all stay together…



The tiny pieces and details of the camera were insane and most of them aren’t even functioning (like the knobs of the left side of the photo above)  But it was fun having it all come together.  And yes, it does take real photos!!

If you are not familiar with pinhole cameras, let me just tell you a little about them.  The “aperture” or the little hole in the middle of the lens, is just a tiny little pinhole.  It reflects the image upside down on the film (just like how your eyeball works!)  It lets just a very small amount of light into the camera body.  Because it is such a tiny hole, you have to leave the shutter open a lot longer (2-6 seconds for a photo in the sunlight).  If you practice and know how to use them right, you can get some pretty stunning pictures, like these ones:

I know it will take some practice for mine to look this amazing but I can’t wait to try it out!

You can also make a homemade pinhole camera… it’s super easy!  This website has 23 versions!

live what you love ❤


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