bits and pieces.

Today, I just have a bunch of little snippets of things I want to share.

First. Summer?

It has been so glorious and sunny here in Nashville, TN for about the past week and a half.  Winter just seems like a distant memory.  It all happened at once.  One week, it was 25 degrees, the next it was 70, but I definitely not complaining!  I went out and enjoyed the sun the other day and found some pretty flowers in my yard.

Second.  Travel?? 

So, I constantly have the desire to travel the world.  In the past week or two, I have really been thinking about going overseas in May after the semester is over and before summer classes start (and then I graduate in August… finally!).  I’ve been researching some places to travel to travel to then!

Third. The Civil Wars

I remember seeing The Civil Wars at a small show at The Basement a while ago before they got really popular.  I immediately bought their Poison and Wine EP and (not so) patiently waited for the full length album.

Barton Hollow came out at the beginning of February and it was immediately an iTunes bestseller in the singer/songwriter category.  It is so great to see indie artists from Nashville be successful doing something they love, especially in the non-traditional way (like getting signed to a record label).

It was the perfect listen on a day like today: there was both patches of cloud and rain and occasionally the sun would peak out.  It went perfectly with the darker feel of some songs like “Poison and Wine” and “The Violet Hour” and also the upbeat songs like “Forget Me Not” and “Barton Hollow”.  Its’s a great little album my friends. Here’s a photo I took from that show:

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