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One of my friends, Ella Sinclair, just released her first EP as a solo artist, Finding Myself.  She had a little release show at Ugly Mugs in East Nashville where she told us the story and the journey of the EP as she played through each song.  It was a lovely night with wonderful friends!

(Sorry for the terrible quality, it was taken with the crappy camera on my phone.)

Ella is an amazing songwriting and has been working so hard at her music for a long time and has gone through and experienced a lot of the music industry.  This EP is raw and beautiful and captivating.  The folksy americana feel of this album is so diverse, yet all works so beautifully together.  She shows the beauty of vulnerability in a relationship with “Hold You Near” and adds some harmonica in “I’m Just A Girl” where she admits that girls sometimes don’t always say what they mean (I know I’m guilty of this sometimes…).  Every song has it’s own beautiful story and worth a listen or two (or three or four…)

The best part about all of this?  You can download the whole EP for free through Bandcamp right here!!

So, do yourself and your ears a favor and download it! (She is not asking for money but you can give her a couple bucks if you are feeling generous and it’s definitely worth it!  If not, just put “0” when it asks you to name your price)

Facebook – Like her!

Twitter – Follow her!



live what you love.

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