thirty tigers.

So, one of the reasons my internship is amazing:

They make awesome tiger ear headbands for SXSW!!

But, seriously, it’s a pretty neat place to intern.  Thirty Tigers is an independent marketing, distribution and management firm for a whole bunch of lovely artists.  (For those of you who may not know, I am a music business major at Belmont University.)  It’s a small office right above a record store and there are only about 8 people that work full time.  I love being at a smaller company.  I get to do a whole bunch of different things, from putting together digital pitches for artists, to mailing out hundreds of promos to inputting data for artists.  I literally get to do something different every day and I love that because I get sick of routines real quick.

So, here are some of the artists that we work with (my personal favorites):

The Apache Relay


Johnny Flynn


Ben Sollee


Caitlin Rose


Those Darlins


Frontier Ruckus


So you should check out those artists because they are pretty amazing…

keep on living (what you love)

oh, and p.s. hope you like the new banner at the top… this blog is always a work in progress!


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