red and crema :: outfit post


It’s a bit gloomy out today, but I still got outside before the rain to get a few photos of my outfit.  Now, that I have a tripod (Finally, no more balancing the camera on a rickety table… thank you Sam!), I will hopefully get some more outfits photos in more places.  I also tried out a new way to wear my hair (which I found on one of the blogs I read, but I can’t remember which one…).  I love having some hair to work with again.  It was fun to chop it all off, but it’s definitely nice to be able to be versatile with it now.  Also, I dyed my hair again. Needless to say, the blue came out so quickly and looked super trashy.  I had some dark red hair dye and I used a more powerful developer so the color would be more intense.  I am really happy with it!  I love red hair.

cardigan::thrifted//shirt::h&m//skirt::american apparel//boots::?? super old

hey there red hair.

3 little twisties.



Like, I said, it’s kinda gloomy out today but it’s the perfect day for sitting in a cafe.  Crema is easily my favorite coffee shop in Nashville.  They are super serious about coffee and I love that, because I, too, am a huge coffee geek.  My favorite part about it is all of the different brew methods they have for coffee.  They, of course, have drip coffee but they also offer a french press, Chemex, and V60.  They are all pretty much amazing.  They also usually have at least 3 different single origin coffees to choose from.  Basically, it is my love.  If you live in Nashville and you have never been there, you must go!

Vive lo que te gusta ❤


5 thoughts on “red and crema :: outfit post

  1. Whoa…ditching the FroMo? I thought I’d never see the day when Jess chose a coffee shop over Frothy! 🙂 Love the hair though!

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