wizarding world of harry potter.

My dreams have finally come true.  I stepped into the most magical place on earth.  I can’t even explain how real the whole place felt.  The attention to detail was insane.  I had pretty high expectations and it totally blew them out of the water.  I could just spend all day sipping butterbeer sitting in the center of Hogsmeade. Needless to say, I must return soon.

My first glimpse of Hogsmeade. uh-maz-zing

Hogwarts Express. Steam and all.

Inside Zonkos. Extendable ears and all.

Honeydukes 🙂

Three Broomsticks.

So perfect.

Simply lovely.

Pretty much the best drink ever.

Inside Ollivanders 🙂

Hogwarts. Perfect.
I know this sounds cheesy and childish but I could feel the magic there.  I hope all of you can experience it one day.  It is worth the money and time.  Simply magical.
live what you love.

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