a little blue.

No, this title isn’t about my mood (that’s the complete opposite actually!), it’s about my new hair color!


For some reason, I have an incessant need to change my appearance.  Whether it’s new glasses, a new piercing, or a new hair style, I feel like I am always changing something about myself.  (Maybe sometime later I’ll post pictures of how much I’ve changed each year since my freshman year of high school!)  I think it makes me feel more unique if I keep changing things up.

I thought it was going to be a complete disaster after I bleached it and dyed it blue the first time.  It looked pretty terrible and not a good blue at all.  But, I went over with the blue one more time and I think it did the trick.  I did all of the dye job myself so it was a little hard seeing every angle of my head I needed to to get the job done.  Anyways, here’s some more photos:

I’ll be back soon with some more lovely things…

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