i left my heart in Guatemala

I’ve been back from Guatemala for about 7 weeks now but I still miss it every single day.  I started to miss it even more after this weekend when most of the group was reunited again… and also because I was around coffee again.  I realized that I never really blogged about the trip yet or shared any pictures.

Guatemala is a beautiful country.  The motto of the country is the “land of eternal spring”.  I couldn’t agree more.  The weather was absolutely perfect while we were there and there were volcanoes surrounding every place we went.

Near Santa Maria de Jesus

Lake Atitlan

We spent a lot of time working directly with many of the coffee farmers.  These farmers have just started a little co-op and the next step is to develop it and also to train all of the farmers how to grow some really great coffee.  It was so amazing to see how hard each of them work and to be able to come alongside them.

Coffee Trees

Farmer’s co-op meeting

Drying coffee

We also got to spend some time in Antigua, which is a very touristy town but it was still so beautiful.  We spent a lot of time just walking the streets and sitting in the central park.  We spent the last half of the trip staying here.  The first half, we stayed in a little cottage in Santa Maria de Jesus (it was a very cute cottage but also very full of bedbugs!)

Our little cottage

Looking at Antigua from “Cerro de la Cruz”

Beautiful colors.

We also got to spend a lot of time with one of the families.  It is a huge family with so many kids!  They brought me so much joy and they were the only ones who I felt alright talking in Spanish to!

Some of the boys.

Precious little Helen!


Overall, this trip was something that really did change my life and way of thinking. I hope that I can go back to continue to support the farmers.  I love that I got to work with coffee and also meet some amazing people, both Americans and Guatemalans.

Looking back on Santa Maria

If you want some more info on the farms and the farmers we worked with, check out the website: La Armonia Hermosa

muchas amor amigos


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