baking and something corporate.

Yes, these two things are random to put together, but I wanted to share 2 things that are on my mind right now…

First, baking.

Last night, I had a quiet evening in and it was fabulous. It was so wonderful just to sit in my house and do nothing. Except bake. I found an amazing recipe on one of the blogs that I read called From Scratch. Emma posts wonderful and simple recipes. Some of her own and some she find from other people. Last night I made Giant Double Chocolate Chip cookies. They were amazing. You can find the recipe here.


I only made a half batch and made the cookies about as half as big as she calls for because they would have been HUGE! I added in some macadamia nuts that I got in Guatemala (We went to a macadamia nut farm there!) and it was definitely a good addition. Also, this is a very dry recipe, so at the end, I added in about a tablespoon of milk to help everything come together and it worked perfectly. This one is definitely a keeper.


Now, Something Corporate.

How can you not love the early 2000’s pop punk indie piano rock (yes that is a genre haha).  I have all too easily forgotten about this band that I used to be so in love with.  The other day, I had a random urge to listen to them and have been listening to them nonstop since.  There’s just something about them that pulls me right back in.  All you haters, I don’t even want to hear it.  I love them and I don’t care.  Also, I like Something Corporate better than his more recent project, Jack’s Mannequin.  So there, now it’s all out there.

How can you not love them?! Precious.


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