some lovely music…

You all have seen some of my photos so far but I also want to share some things about something else that I am in love with: music.  Here are some people you most likely have never heard of, but you most likely should definitely check them out and love them like I do

Ruby Kendrick.

Her lyrics are simple but tell lovely little stories. Her voice is unique and refreshing.  Even though her music isn’t really pop music, it’s the kind of music that sticks with you.   She’s not very well known at all but I heard her play at a small show in Nashville and I have been in love ever since.  Listen here to her music. (Also let me know if you really love her and I can get you her whole album!)

The Red River

This band is so unique and amazing.  There are about 10 people that play at any given time and there are so many different instruments that make it so magical to listen to.  They sing just about everyday life but with an indie charm.  They are super fun to watch and their live show blew me out of the water.  Learn more here 🙂  Also, you can download their album digitally for $3 here (just choose digital for the format at the bottom of the page!)

Thanks for reading friends. Be back oh so soon with more lovliness 🙂


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