the city that never sleeps.

This was more true for our trip to NYC than I imagined.  I probably got around 14 hours of sleep the past 4 nights combined.  But, it was everything that I could have asked for.

We had absolutely no plans.

We wandered around.

We met amazing people.

We had good conversations.

We almost killed each other.

I used to be not so fond of the Big Apple but this trip changed that for me.  There’s something about it that just pulls you in if you let it.  I love that each city has such a unique feel and personality to it.  If you let it, that personality and uniqueness will affect your life in some way.

I took lots of photos (of course).  Here are some of my favorites 🙂

subway station.


grand central station.


crazy awesome building graffiti


nyc skyline.


public library.


in brooklyn

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Be back soon with more lovely things 🙂



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